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No Silence Please. Exams in Progress.

Right now, record numbers of young people are struggling with their mental health with the added pressure of exams making them feel more anxious than ever before.

Simply talking to the young people in our lives can help reduce their anxiety by putting everything into perspective.

Britain Get Talking - a proper chat can ease exam stress.

A woman is standing in front of a pair of double doors, with windows. In the background, there are sounds of children talking. Through the windows, there are rows of desks set up in an exam room style. The woman is sticking a sign up, above another already fixed to the doors. As she finishes and walks away, the sound of her shoes on the floor can be heard. The camera zooms into the signs on the door. The signs read 'no silence please' and 'a proper chat can ease exam stress.' A school bell rings as the screen changes to all black. The Britain Get Talking, Young Minds, SAMH, Mind and STV logos are shown.

Here are 3 simple tips from the experts to help you connect with the young person in your life:

Encourage them to talk about what’s worrying them, and reassure them that their feelings are valid.

Reassure your child that exam results do not define them; that they are far from the only measure of success; and that you are proud of them whatever happens on results day.

Let your child know that you believe in them and feel positive about their future. Planning a special treat and talking about things they are looking forward to after exams can help them feel positive, motivated and less worried.

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