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What’s on our mind can be the hardest subject. So, what’s on yours?

A different kind of homework

Britain Get Talking is setting the nation a different kind of homework, designed to help ease our stress and reduce our anxiety by asking what's on our minds. Have a chat tonight or take part in our national homework exercise this World Mental Health Day, 10th October. You don’t need a pen or paper, but if you’re unsure where to start, download our task and try writing or drawing your worries on the front cover.

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Top tips for having difficult conversations.

Try having the conversation whilst doing another activity e.g. the washing up.

Start the conversation with open-ended questions like "What’s on your mind?”

Actively listen and leave room for them to speak. You don’t need to fix all their problems immediately.

Sometimes it helps to share personal stories or experiences to help put them at ease.

If they don’t want to talk, reassure them that the door is always open when they’re ready.

Worried about a young person?

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Mental Health has declined in almost 40% of school children. Click for more information.

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